On 12/07/10 08:41, Arne Babenhauserheide wrote:
> What is currently missing in the Hurd distibutions to make it fullfill your 
> basic needs for your day-to-day work or hobby? Ideally on real hardware, 
> alternatively in qemu/virtualbox/XEN/…

I'd first need to (try to) install it on my desktop (real HW) to see if it
works, and if it doesn't, that would be the first thing missing on Hurd. But the
list would probably have

- Support for modern processors (Intel Core 2 Duo, I've heard anything newer
than Pentium III may not work)
- Maybe SATA support (not sure if my BIOS can emulate IDE)
- USB support (no PS2 ports here)

When that was there and I could boot into Hurd and have a console working, the
next step would be to have a desktop environment (preferably GNOME). I should
stop making GNOME build and start to test that it also works :)


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