olafbuddenha...@gmx.net, le Sat 24 Jul 2010 04:08:51 +0200, a écrit :
> - A full-featured high-resolution console (probably framebuffer-based)

For that, just a framebuffer would be enough, then bogl can be used.

> - Firefox (or perhaps some other full-featured browser)

We should be close to this, there are only bugs that prevent iceweasel
from working.

> - Bookmarking in w3m: I guess I could live without that; but it's really
>   an annoyance. Might be another NFS problem -- haven't investigated
>   yet.

Possibly record locking issue?

> - "man" also used to fail; but IIRC Samuel fixed it a while back.

I fixed one bug there, yes.

> - mplayer: I guess it would actually be usable, if the aforementioned X
>   jerkiness is fixed... No w32codecs though, which could be a problem.
>   Not sure how often I actually need them.

In my memory, thanks to marcus' sysv shm implementation, it became


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