Ivan Shmakov, le Wed 28 Jul 2010 19:13:44 +0700, a écrit :
>  > - PPPoE/routing/NAT/packet filtering.
>       I'd much appreciate IPv6 support, and there will be virtually no
>       need for NAT for me then.

AIUI, IPv6 is already supported.

>       • message passing on top of Linux:
>         – with a user-space daemon;

Zheng Da's DDE work, yes.

>       Do I understand it correctly that once a Mach could be made to
>       run in user-space (the same trick as with User-mode Linux),
>       making Hurd run on top of it will be straightforward?

I'd tend to think that, yes.  You just need to be able to catch the few
kernel traps (there are really only few of them), and off you go.  The
Xen port, for instance, didn't need *any* change below GNU Mach.


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