Hi Paul

I think that you forgot to remove the absolute URL here. Or I'm missing something?

+LilyPond is a powerful and flexible tool for engraving tasks of
+all kinds, for example
+@uref{http://lilypond.org/examples.html#Classical-Music, classical music}
+(like the example above by J.S. Bach),
+@uref{examples.html#Complex-Notation, complex notation},

The first link should be relative, like all the others:

@uref{examples.html#Classical-Music, classical music}.

So, in case someone uses a documentation locally installed, it will work even without an Internet connection.

I think that this can be fixed and pushed straight away, as long as you confirm that it's ok.

BTW, this comment:

@c anchor links, link to individual examples by their <a> tag

may be more informative (for translators also):

@c Translators should use the localized URLs, followed by their translated anchor name (e.g. examples.it.html#Musica-Antica)

I cannot test it right now, as 'make website' is failing here right now, but I believe that it should work.


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