Il giorno sab 15 ott 2016 alle 21:20, Jean-Charles Malahieude <> ha scritto:
Nevertheless, when I replace
  @uref{examples.html#g_t_53e4_697d, 古楽}
  @uref{examples.html#Gu-Le-, 古楽}
as mentioned in out-www/web/
  <div class="column-center-middle-color2"><a name="Gu-Le-"></a>
  <h3 class="subheading">古楽</h3>
I still only reach the top of examples.ja.html.

The only one that works is Schenker graphs (the only "non encoded" anchor).

I just tried the same:

-@uref{examples.html#g_t_53e4_697d, 古楽}、
+@uref{examples.html#Gu-Le-, 古楽}、

and it works here. I tested it with "make && make website".

Here's the link which works (jumps to the example):

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