searching for this bug on sf using terms “accidentals + merged”,
I found only #546 said to have been solved for ages.
Still, the output doesn’t match at least /my/ expectations:
notes should either not be merged at all, or there should be
stacked accidentals indicating which one applies to which Voice.

find attached a minimal example

If I add a ! to the note on the third beat in the upper voice,
I get at least both a natural and a sharp sign, leaving it to
the reader which belongs to which Voice, but it still doesn’t
help with the case on the second beat.

Hauke Rehr (from Germany)
  prints natural sign and merged g note on 2nd quarter,
  sharp and merged gis on 3rd quarter
\version "2.19.58"
\new Voice \relative c'' {
    { \voiceOne c4 g4 g4 ais4 }
    \new Voice { \voiceTwo gis4 gis4 gis4 gis4 }
  >> \oneVoice
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