In a plugin I wrote I created a function with the following form / function:

$ cat makefile
ASDF := something
$(timeit 100, ${ASDF})
$ make
makefile:2 Time taken: mean: 232, stdev: 81.719765

make: *** No targets.  Stop.

... where "timeit" is implemented using the online mean/variance estimate
from Knuth's TAoCP.  It evaluates the 2nd argument a number of times equal
to what the 1st argument evaluates to then spits out a mean / std deviation
across those runs.

I want to contribute this function back to the make project, however
there's a problem if it gets accepted: calculating the standard deviation
requires calling sqrt from math.h / libmath.

Am I safe to assume that adding a dependence on math.h / libmath isn't an

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