On Wed, 2018-07-25 at 14:25 -0600, Brian Vandenberg wrote:
>> # note: the space before the word TEXT is helpful for readability but causes 
>> a problem
>> $(info $(call F1, TEXT))

Paul Smith (28 July 2018 14:48) replied:
> To me this seems like a bug.  In GNU make generally the rule is
> (intended to be?) that leading whitespace is always ignored and
> trailing whitespace is always preserved.
> However if leading whitespace is currently preserved in call functions,
> even unintentionally, I'll need to consider whether that can be fixed
> or not due to backward-compatibility issues.

I'm fairly confident this is how call functions have been since at least
2006.  I would be in favour of applying the rule you just described
instead - I tripped over this repeatedly, back when I spent more time
maintaining make-files, and working round it felt unnatural and made
code less readable,


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