On Wed, 2018-07-25 at 14:25 -0600, Brian Vandenberg wrote:
> > However, I'm not sure that this function is sufficiently generic to
> > be added as a built-in function.  Can you provide use-cases for it?
> I suppose that depends on the definition of "sufficiently generic". 
> The two definitions that come to mind:

Have you considered creating a loadable module for this?  That seems
like it would be a straightforward and flexible way to manage this.

Docs: https://www.gnu.org/software/make/manual/html_node/Loading-Objects.html

> # note: the space before the word TEXT is helpful for readability but causes 
> a problem
> $(info $(call F1, TEXT))

To me this seems like a bug.  In GNU make generally the rule is
(intended to be?) that leading whitespace is always ignored and
trailing whitespace is always preserved.

However if leading whitespace is currently preserved in call functions,
even unintentionally, I'll need to consider whether that can be fixed
or not due to backward-compatibility issues.


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