Follow-up Comment #14, bug #47880 (project make):

> when a user writes a makefile he should not have to know that
> depfiles:=$(obj:.o=.d)
> include $(depfiles)
> is less efficient than
> depfiles:=$(obj:.o=.d)
> depfiles:=$(addprefix $(CURDIR)/,$(depfiles))
> include $(depfiles)

Perhaps he should, specifically since the issue has been raised.

(Incidentally, $(abspath) achieves largely the same thing as prefixing

Anyway, the various suggestions are not mutually exclusive:

* Add -I- to allow the invoker to reset the search path.  (This is what I
meant by a "switch analogous to -r/-R", in case I wasn't clear.)
* Add includelocal to allow an author to indicate when he definitely doesn't
want to use the search path for specific files.  (He could use abspath/CURDIR,
but if the included files are also targets, those rules have to be changed
* Allow effective modifications to .INCLUDE_DIRS.


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