Follow-up Comment #9, bug #47880 (project make):

> But, maybe it's better to grab that bull by the horns.

>From the user's point of view, it may indeed be better to have a single
interface (MAKEFLAGS), which controls the behavior from the makefile.

> Regarding removing default directories, I wonder what people think of using
something like "-I-" to mean "delete all known include directories up to here
and start over with a fresh set"?

That should work.
Another way is to mimics the shell and use the + sign. +I/usr/include removes

> It just seems to me that this issue of default include paths is too
minor/rarely problematic to waste an entire command line option on it :).

One trouble of this default is, when your dep files are missing, make does a
fs access per default directory for each missing dep file.
Another trouble is that, as far as i can tell, this default hurts most of the
users to benefit few of them.
However, since Steven reported there are makefile which use this,  i agree,
the default needs to stay.


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