Follow-up Comment #12, bug #47880 (project make):

> > include $(CURDIR)/
> This indeed suppresses the lookup.
> My opinion is that the users should not have to know this detail.

I didn't realize you were wearing your 'user' hat!  To me, this is a problem
ideally for the author to solve.  However, I'm not against an option to either
reset the include path or disable its initial population, allowing a user to
work around the issue.

> Also, most (as far as i can tell) existing makefiles do not do this.

(Indeed, I only found out about CURDIR yesterday!  I had thought prefixing ./
was enough, and I shall be modifying my makefiles accordingly.)

> > this might be better considered a question of disabling the search path on
a per-include basis
> Is there a need for such flexibility?

Yes, from the author's perspective.  Since you report that using $(CURDIR)
allows the author to resolve the issue, my suggestions such as includelocal or
making a special case for ./-prefixed paths are redundant.

> A command line switch or +I  get the job done and relieve the users from
having to change the makefiles.

I'm not against such user-oriented solutions.  :-)  Sorry if you got that


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