I'm improving a Makefile for a project which uses [/usr/local]/var/lib 
   and [/usr/local]/tmp.  I see there's no standard in the GNU coding 
   standards for directory variables.

   I used the following:

   tmpdir := $(prefix)/tmp
   libstatedir := $(localstatedir)/lib

   I developed the name $libstatedir for symmetry with $runstatedir, which 
   is also a child of $localstatedir, with the first part of the name as 
   the name of the child dir.

   Would you mind adding those to your directory variables?

I think the first question is to understand what a "library state
directory" is?  Whate are you storing under it?  Seems like something
architecture independent? Are the files shareable between

For /tmp, the only thing that should realy be used is /tmp (or
/var/tmp).  /usr/tmp would be strange, and very non-standard.

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