> I think the first question is to understand what a "library state
   > directory" is?  Whate are you storing under it?  Seems like something
   > architecture independent? Are the files shareable between
   > installations?

   I'm talking about NGINX Unit, which stores the running configuration 
   (kind of what /etc/nginx/nginx.conf was to NGINX, but Unit uses a 
   runtime defined JSON file).  It also stores a few other files, but 
   that's the main one.  If the process is restarted, it picks up that 
   configuration, so it needs to be kept after reboot (so not /run)

That sounds like a cache file, so why not /var/cache?  I don't
understand why /var/lib though ...

   It is arch independent.

   And it doesn't make sense to share it, as it represents the state of the 
   running instance of unitd.  Sharing it would probably break other 
   instances of the process when one of the instances modifies it.

Ok, then something under /var would make sense.

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