Hi Paul,

> It would be good to know whether you are testing CentOS Sream 8 or 9.

I am testing CentOS 8 stream. Find my personal installation notes below.

> I am not able to install CentOS Stream 9 in VirtualBox and get the
> guest additions to work so I can mount a shared partition.  Half the
> time it freezes halfway through the install, and if it does go through
> the guest additions fail to compile their kernel modules (mismatched
> Linux kernel headers).

I never install the VirtualBox guest additions. The downside is that
sharing data is less comfortable (I use 'scp' each time), and that the
mouse handling is a bit more annoying.


========================= CentOS 8 in VirtualBox ======================
Use CentOS 8 stream 2022-10-05 from 

Disk size: 15 GB.

The installation menu is in a stupid order: Can only enable NTP servers
after networking is enabled! Therefore do things in this order:

Installation Destination:
Storage Configuration: Custom
Standard Partition  14 GiB (14336 MiB)  /      ext4
Standard Partition  1  GiB (1024 MiB)   swap

Disable kdump.

Network & host name:
Enable networking.
Ethernet config: General > Enable "Connect automatically".
Host name: centos8s

Time & Date:
Set time zone.
Disable then Enable "Network Time".

Installation Source:
On the network, https://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/centos/8-stream/BaseOS/x86_64/os/
URL type: repository URL
Deselect AppStream.
Select AppStream.

Software selection:
  Base Environment: Workstation
  Add-ons: Development Tools, Graphical Administration Tools

Root password:
  login: root
  password: ********
  Press "Done" twice.

User settings:
  login: ********
  password: ********
  Select "Make this user administrator".
  Press "Done".

Click "Begin installation".

Wait for the installation to complete.

Power off. Eject CD.

Welcome wizard:
  Privacy: Location services: off.

Popup menu > Settings > Privacy > Screen Lock
Automatic screen lock = Off

Popup menu > Settings > Power > Power Saving
Blank screen = Never

Power Off. Reboot.

Activities > Software > Updates: Refresh. -> Up to date.

Activities > Software

Search: GNU Emacs, install
Search: gVim, install

$ dnf list
# Not needed:
#$ sudo dnf install make
#$ sudo dnf install gcc
#$ sudo dnf install gcc-c++

Power Off.

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