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Stjepan Gros <sgros...@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi!
> I'm trying to package mdk for Fedora and I'm almost there. :)


> The problem is that after running gmixvm it consumes much of disk and
> CPU resources. I managed to find out that it's scanning the whole
> directory tree (either /usr/bin or home directory, depending how it is
> started).

What are the two ways of starting gmixvm? Do you have the same problem
starting (in a terminal) mixvm?

> Attached is gdb stack trace. Do you know what could be the exact
> problem?

Hmmm... it's a bit difficult to tell, but i have a guess. It could be
one of the gnome daemons looking for a path, or something like that. To
check, could you edit ~/.mdk/gmixvm.config (creating it if necessary)
and ensure that it contains the lines:

Assembler=/usr/bin/mixasm -l %s
Mixasm=/usr/bin/mixasm -l %s
Editor=/usr/bin/xterm -e vi %s

where, in all of them, the paths are to exisiting executables?

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