Stjepan Gros <> writes:

>> What are the two ways of starting gmixvm? Do you have the same problem
>> starting (in a terminal) mixvm?
> Yes, it is the same no matter if I start it from CLI or from a menu entry.

I meant running the "mixvm" program, which is the CLI version of MDK's
MIX virtual machine.

>> Assembler=/usr/bin/mixasm -l %s
>> Mixasm=/usr/bin/mixasm -l %s
>> Editor=/usr/bin/xterm -e vi %s
>> where, in all of them, the paths are to exisiting executables?
> I added those lines to gmixvm.config (and created it) but it is still
> scanning the /usr/bin directory. And just now I found out that it also
> stat's/lstat's many other files of which some do not exist. Here are
> some excerpts from the strace output:


So, my guess was not correct. All this disk trashing seems to be
happening inside gtk's initialisation code, before entering the main
loop. But i cannot reproduce it. Maybe it's related to some Gnome
daemon? I don't use Gnome: can you try starting gmixvm when logged on a
non-Gnome session and see what happens? (just shooting in the dark

BTW, MDK is hosted at savannah, and bugs can be filled at


(although i'm not sure this is a MDK bug per se: the problem is
happening inside a call to gtk; i could be wrong though)

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