Richard Stallman <> writes:

>   > Maybe. But there are still examples where it is spoken about characters,
>   > like
>   > "... the keymap for the @file{*scratch*} buffer (using Lisp Interaction
>   > mode) is a sparse keymap in which the entry for @key{ESC},
>   > @acronym{ASCII} code 27, is another sparse keymap."
> I don't understand the distinction you're trying to make.  The index
> of an entry in a keymap is always a kind of event.  In this case,
> it is ESC, which is a keyboard key.  So why would @key
> not be correct?

The example with a keymap might be unfortune. I speak about data
structures in general, which could contain non-printable characters,
like ESC. How to express such characters in texinfo?

Best regards, Michael.

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