Eli Zaretskii <e...@gnu.org> writes:

>> "@code{esc-map} is for characters that follow @key{ESC}."
> This should actually say "for keys you type following @key{ESC}",
> because that's clearly the intent, given the fact it talks about a
> keymap.

Maybe. But there are still examples where it is spoken about characters,

"... the keymap for the @file{*scratch*} buffer (using Lisp Interaction
mode) is a sparse keymap in which the entry for @key{ESC},
@acronym{ASCII} code 27, is another sparse keymap."

In general, from the texinfo manual it is not clear to me how to mark
such characters (not keyboard keys to be pressed) properly. The current
practice to mark them like @key{ESC} looks OK to me, but it is not


Best regards, Michael.

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