I think I've mentioned earlier; the troubles with strerror()
returning "Unknown error" for seemingly common 'errno' values.

I hit me today, when connection to my ftp-hosting service. From
the Wsock-trace [1] of connect():

  * 49.163 sec: f:/MingW32/src/gnu/gnulib/lib/connect.c(43) (rpl_connect+64):
    connect (620,, fam AF_INET) --> WSAETIMEDOUT (10060).

failed: Unknown error.

I put some trace-code in Wget's connect.c and do see 'errno' is 138.
Which is ETIMEDOUT as defined by Gnulib's <errno.h>. But I fail to
understand why Gnulib's strerror(138) is incapable of handling it.

Looking at Gnulib's strerror-override.c, I see it should return
"Connection timed out" there. But it doesn't. Any pointers?

I'm on Win-10 using MSVC-2015.

[1]: https://github.com/gvanem/wsock-trace


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