> From: Gisle Vanem <gva...@yahoo.no>
> Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2016 22:42:03 +0200
> I think I've mentioned earlier; the troubles with strerror()
> returning "Unknown error" for seemingly common 'errno' values.
> I hit me today, when connection to my ftp-hosting service. From
> the Wsock-trace [1] of connect():
>   * 49.163 sec: f:/MingW32/src/gnu/gnulib/lib/connect.c(43) (rpl_connect+64):
>     connect (620,, fam AF_INET) --> WSAETIMEDOUT (10060).
> failed: Unknown error.
> I put some trace-code in Wget's connect.c and do see 'errno' is 138.
> Which is ETIMEDOUT as defined by Gnulib's <errno.h>. But I fail to
> understand why Gnulib's strerror(138) is incapable of handling it.
> Looking at Gnulib's strerror-override.c, I see it should return
> "Connection timed out" there. But it doesn't. Any pointers?

Didn't we already have a similar discussion?  I think you told about
some connect attempt that times out, but the error message doesn't
mention timeout?  And I tried that with my MinGW-compiled Wget, and
couldn't reproduce the problem, because my Wget did report "Connection
timed out"?

My guess is that for some reason Wget calls the MS-Windows strerror,
not its Gnulib replacement.  But that's a guess, and I don't know how
to explain it.  Perhaps put a breakpoint both at the Gnulib strerror
and the MS runtime one, and see what happens in your scenario.

Failing that, if you can show a recipe for reproducing this, including
a URL to use, I could see what happens on my system, and maybe we will
see the light.

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