Eli Zaretskii wrote:

> My guess is that for some reason Wget calls the MS-Windows strerror,
> not its Gnulib replacement.  But that's a guess, and I don't know how
> to explain it.  Perhaps put a breakpoint both at the Gnulib strerror
> and the MS runtime one, and see what happens in your scenario.

Okay, I'll look into it; putting some trace in GnuLib's strerror() etc.

> Failing that, if you can show a recipe for reproducing this, including
> a URL to use, I could see what happens on my system, and maybe we will
> see the light.

I didn't find a testing-host/URL that would result in ETIMEDOUT. Must be
some null-host out there somewhere. The original problem with my
ISP's ftp-service vanished.


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