--- Comment #26 from Reindl Harald <> ---
@Joe Orton thank you for step in

@Eric Covener

> Seems like 'Header edit' ought to work

that would be a config which don't solve the problem because it would redirect
to https even when the initial request was not - and for global configs: please
don't get me wrong but i don't get why we discuss that much forth and back when itself has to
look at the HTTPS=ON and send the correct redirect instead dirty workarounds 

for me it seems that you have a personal problem when you see my name and if
that's the case please reconsider your behavior when we talk about technical
issues - please step back from your defensive attitude and let us focus on
technical details

> not sure what script you're talking about

the "index.php" which does the header('Location'); and not get

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