--- Comment #35 from Eric Covener <> ---
(In reply to Reindl Harald from comment #32)
> @Eric Covener:
> > I think I've been more than civil to you _despite_ your name.  
> > You are incapable of inoffensive, non-hysterical technical discussion
> your whole argumentation is "in my opinion you have to write 2 seperated
> <VirtualHosts>" and "your config is unusual and i don't care" 

Not at all, I don't really have an argument here.  I was curious what your
affected configuration was and even tested it. It took followups to ascertain
what that was.

I tried to provide you two different workarounds but you are myopically focused
on being "right" and playing some game that nobody else is playing.

> "Maybe someone else feels more confident about the safety and more willing
> to put up with reading your unnecessarily dramatic update"
> to be clear: so when you don't care at all please simply go away instead
> waste both of our time and let some other person handle things - i wrote a
> bugreport for httpd and not a letter to Eric Covener

I do care about this bug for a variety of reasons, and I'm not about to take
communications advice from a renowned shit-poster.

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