--- Comment #38 from Reindl Harald <> ---
please see the first comment which pretty much
explains "even if it's not the way you'd like to" from the begin

when $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] gives you 80 instead of 443 and you are on a setup
which uses 8080 and 8443 for wahtever reasons you are *not* able to construct a
full-qualified url without heuristics guessing when $_SERVER['HTTPS'] is 'on'
and  $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] gives 8080 that you have to use 8443 for your URL
in a confirmation email

and you patch is fixing the whole issue which is finally more then the redirect
for URLs with a missing trailing slash

* HTTPS on

so it never was about "I tried to provide you two different workarounds but you
are myopically focused on being right and playing some game that nobody else is
playing" because i never play games 

i focus real technical solutions instead workarounds not covering the issue as
a whole where it starts - not more and not less

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