On 2018/04/13 20:29, Theo Buehler wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 05:04:32PM -0600, j...@bitminer.ca wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I noticed a couple of inconsistencies between upgrade63.html and
> > INSTALL.<platform>.  They don't both state to remove man pages and
> > include files.
> Thanks. Now that I see this mail, I remember that you sent a similar
> mail a while back which remained unanswered. Sorry about that.
> What exactly should be listed by default on upgradeXX.html tends to lead
> to long discussions. The fewer things the better. I list manuals because
> users are more likely to be confused by a stale manual than by a stale
> header.
> If there are headers that are important to remove because they might
> interfere with ports building, they will (hopefully) be listed on
> upgradeXX.html.

To be honest, at least from the ports side, it's pretty unlikely that
these are going to be noticed in order to get listed.

Most people in a situation where failure to remove these is going to be
a real problem (i.e. bulk builders) either remove /usr/include/* (and
maybe others; /usr/libdata/* is another candidate) prior to upgrade,
or they use proot which will only populate the chroot with current

> > Here is a patch to fix upgrade63 but I'm not sure how to
> > go about fixing all INSTALL.<platform> an easy way.
> They are built from /usr/src/distrib/notes/. You probably only have to
> edit m4.common.

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