On 2018-04-13 17:09, Theo Buehler wrote:

Looks like you'd be interested in the sysutils/sysclean package:

list obsolete files between OpenBSD upgrades

sysclean is a script designed to help remove obsolete files between OpenBSD

sysclean compares a reference root directory against the currently installed files, taking files from both the base system and packages into account.

sysclean does not remove any files on the system. It only reports obsolete
filenames or packages using out-of-date libraries.

Maintainer: Sebastien Marie <sema...@online.fr>

WWW: https://github.com/semarie/sysclean/

Well, not quite, but close. Here are some selected lines from 160 reported:

# sysclean -a

Which is a mix of "only obsolete filenames", plus novel directories and some
base files and package files and other stuff.  (This machine has been
continuously upgraded since about 5.5).

Thanks for the reference though. This helps clean my disks and avoid having
misleading .h files l(a)ying about.


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