On 2018-04-13 14:08, Stuart Henderson wrote:
On 2018/04/13 20:29, Theo Buehler wrote:
On Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 05:04:32PM -0600, j...@bitminer.ca wrote:
> Hi,
> I noticed a couple of inconsistencies between upgrade63.html and
> INSTALL.<platform>.  They don't both state to remove man pages and
> include files.

Thanks. Now that I see this mail, I remember that you sent a similar
mail a while back which remained unanswered. Sorry about that.

What exactly should be listed by default on upgradeXX.html tends to lead
to long discussions.

Seems to be true.

The fewer things the better. I list manuals because
users are more likely to be confused by a stale manual than by a stale

If there are headers that are important to remove because they might
interfere with ports building, they will (hopefully) be listed on

To be honest, at least from the ports side, it's pretty unlikely that
these are going to be noticed in order to get listed.

Most people in a situation where failure to remove these is going to be
a real problem (i.e. bulk builders) either remove /usr/include/* (and
maybe others; /usr/libdata/* is another candidate) prior to upgrade,
or they use proot which will only populate the chroot with current

My full list was going to be: /usr/include /usr/X11R6/include /usr/share/man
and as you say /usr/libdata.

What has caught me in the past: sqlite3 removed from 6.0 base and a .h file
which I can't remember at the moment.

The differences between 6.0 (say) and 6.2 are about 133 .h files and 2530 files altogether [0]. For a serial upgrader like me, this amounts to sufficient number of
noise files that I want to remove them.

(I didn't actually know this number until just now. It seems installation is much more of a benefit to upgrading than I thought. Not for disk space but for consistency. Looks like I should reconsider my policy of upgrading all the time.)

And as a result of this perhaps the advice should be to upgrade rarely but mostly to install. And to somehow preserve /etc/* that is needed post-install.


[0] calculated with

$ for a in `find 6.2/amd64 -name '*.tgz'` ; do
tar tzf $a >> /tmp/62all.txt
$ for a in `find 6.0/amd64 -name '*.tgz'` ; do
tar tzf $a >> /tmp/60all.txt
$ sort /tmp/60all.txt > /tmp/60alls.txt
$ sort /tmp/62all.txt > /tmp/62alls.txt
$ comm -2 -3 /tmp/60alls.txt /tmp/62alls.txt | wc
    2530    2530  144244

> Here is a patch to fix upgrade63 but I'm not sure how to
> go about fixing all INSTALL.<platform> an easy way.

They are built from /usr/src/distrib/notes/. You probably only have to
edit m4.common.

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