i'm trying to run my bash script (that works on my linux boxes) using
busybox app (ru.meefik.busybox, ver. 1.24.2) on android
5.1.1(cyanogenmod 12) and i'm having trouble with date not supporting
options. first it was "-d" that was causing issues. now busybox
complains: "date: invalid option -- -"

the code in question is here:

TODAY=$(date +"%Y-%m-%d")   
tmpDays=$(( ($(date --date="$TODAY" +%s) - $(date --date="$birthdate"
+%s) )/(60*60*24) ))
years=$(( $tmpDays / 365))

so i guess it doesn't like the "--date".

can anyone tell me how i'm supposed to get years (above) without using
"-d", "--date", or any other unkown unsupported options? or maybe
there's an accurate help file somehwere for busyboxe's date? the one i
found online says "-d" is supported, but evidently that's not correct.

thanks in advance

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