Was glad to come up and help Theresa Williams KE5MUX 

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div.yiv5723792636WordSection1 {}-->Dear BVARC,     I want to say thank you to 
the hams who stopped by the Camp Hope annual BBQ yesterday.  Jeff Mc Millen and 
two of his sons helped me for two days.  He put in a lot of effort and sweat.  
Thank you Jeff,  could not have not done it without you!   Jerry Muller hobbled 
all the way on his recently operated foot to join us for a while.   Ravi 
Ratnala came by to be an additional team member for the UT team.    I 
understand that there was some confusion in how to get to Camp Hope due to the 
way Google maps gives directions.    If that was your situation,  I am sorry 
for the confusion.   Last year we had eight  volunteers,  this year, three.     
From Harris County ARES we had Teresa Williams and Mike Ulrich.   Thanks Mike 
and Teresa!   This is going to be a long term effort that will help transform 
the lives of our warriors who experience  depression related to combat trauma.  
That is how I enjoy the hobby.      Are you in?      Bob Hawkins, 
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