Someone passed me this link: 
and as long as we are talking coax: 
I have some RG-8 which is Belden 9913F7. They tell me that this can be 
considered 'Hollow core' because of a spiral winding about the center 
conductor, and that special caution must then be taken with PL-259 ends. 
Pardon me if I previously answered 'no' to the 'hollow' question, the next 
paragraph explains why. 
The RG-8(U) designation means that it has properties similar to LMR-400, yet 
the above description makes it different at installation time. 

My previous experience was with 1/2 & larger heliax, which in some cases, has a 
'hollow center' about it with occasional ceramic spacers. Others have a 'stiff 
In either event, the properties of heliax cable involve less loss due to the 
fact that it is, in effect, a flexible waveguide. There are good reasons to use 
this above VHF frequencies. 
It should be realized that a 'jumper' of more flexible coax is often used near 
rotators, with a minor connector loss. Newer 'ultraflex' heliax may take much 
more movement- yet for how long? 
Most of the heliax costs far more than regular coaxial cable unless one gets 
small rolls as surplus and 'hamfest buys' on the connectors. For a longer run, 
1/2" heliax would be ideal- if price were within budget. 
73 de KB0MNM 

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I would not use 8X for any feedline..not bad for a double bazooka antenna 
though lol 

I prefer Heliax myself...the superflex type is great for a lot of things..and 
can bend a lot better than regular Heliax...with better loss than LMR and no 
shield movement noise ..which really is a pain in duplex/rptr use 


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So bottom line..... yes! For a little bit more in financial expense on the 
LMR400 cable from RG8x you will noticeably benefit in increased receiving 
ability as well as transmiting from the upgrade. thanks. 

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For use in HF at 28.000 Mhz frequency, length 75-100 feet, is LMR400 cable 
worth it for better RX/TX attenuation? 

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