The best vertical antenna that I have owned was a Comet GP series for 2 Meters, 
plenty of gain and built to take the weather with the connector 'inside' the 
The length question makes me think a mobile antenna on a 'ground plane' might 
be better for you, Paul. 
The owner of Radio City ( Previously known as Satellite City ) once advised me 
that for the K4000 motorized mount, those dual-band antennas which had matching 
wavelengths to the recommended ones would require less in terms of a 'metallic 
ground plane'. The Diamond site would suggest antennas with NMO mounts such as 
the SG-7500(x). Comet/Maldol/Diamond all seem to make this sort of thing, yet I 
would avoid the 'foldover' feature for your roof. The motorized mount requires 
regular tightenting, and antennas with foldover may not be good for your roof. 
The Larsen brand of mobile antennas seems to be very popular for less 
maintenance than the ones previously mentioned. I had no experience with 
dual-band Larsens. 
I have been a regular contributor to the tech forum on www qrz com on mobile 
and VHF/UHF. The 'expert' there seems to be K0BG, who hosts his own website 
regarding mobile installs. 
Just a few other thoughts: 
A horizontal yagi in the attic pointed at your favorite repeater might be 
better if it is over 25 miles away. QST had an article on Rayleigh Fading which 
explains some of the distance problems, yet there was a small math issue 
reviewed later- be sure to get the correction if you would provide it to 
others. I had a good signal with a Cushcraft yagi ( dual-band - approx. 4 
elements on each ) in the attic even with snow and rain up North. I recommend a 
better cable, such as LMR-400 ( if the length exceeds 40 feet ) to avoid 
approx. 1/3 wasted power at UHF frequencies. 
There are many 'disguised' antennas which look like plumbing vents and the 
like. If you are going to penetrate the roof, look at the condition of the roof 
( re-shingle soon? ) or consider using a soffit vent. 
Jon Livingston 

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I need suggestions !!! I need a 2 meter home base vertical antenna. Not to long 
because of 
the dreaded HOA ! Was looking at the Hustler G6-270? I know it's a dual bander 
but it is supposed to get 6db gain on both bands, is 5/8 wave and is only 7.5 
ft long. A little longer is ok. Would like to keep it a one piece if possible 
but not a necessity. 

Please, any suggestions will be considered !! 

Paul Noll 
Love your pets, they want and deserve it !!! 
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