Im sorry to hear that .. I think POTA is amazing and fills so many blanks for 
BVARC and the Ham radio community...
1) can you ever beat a beautiful day in the park2) be a catch (cause a pileup) 
3) Afternoon with some great friends4) opportunity to welcome new folks to HAM 
and to BVARC..
Suzanne and I bought BVARC banners and other stuff out of our own pocketsto 
help bring the POTA MASTERS in as a BVARC EVENT.. All has been workinggreat as 
far as I knew..
I have posted on this before I think, but again at the last BOARD meeting there 
wassome questions about using the club call, about illegal operations and 
otherquestions a board member(s) posed..    even though the board didset a 
budget to help POTA ..  the masters felt disrespected and .. well
The POTA MASTERS got butt hurt... I dont blame them, they dont use BVARC 
equipment, they use their own radios(and other volunteer radios)..
Like I said before, BVARC NEEDS POTA, more then POTA needs BVARC.POTA is super 
popular, I think our board members and especially our PRESIDENTneeds to be 
kissin some POTA  A*S...!!  
These POTA guys are SUPERSTARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BVARC needs to make this a priority.. If you do not agree or do not understand 
POTA please GO TO POTA EVENT..  it is true ham radio at its finest..

I ask our board to REALIZE how important this is,buy a couple POTA radios, 
really make it a BVARC EVENT support these guys.. 
And I ask our POTA MASTERS to take the stupid abuse for a minute and forgive 
the MORONS that hurt your feelings and lets have some fun..
Eddie Runner (NU5K)in the last year a lot of folks seem to get hurt feelings.. 
WISE UP BOD..we need to welcome folks not run them off..

        Hello all,                I am writing this message to let everybody 
know about the changes we are making to the BVARC POTA Event. We will no longer 
be running the event as a BVARC (Brazos Valley Armature Radio Club) affiliated 
one. We will not be doing it every month. We will however still do the event 
for the city. This means we are inviting every club in the city of Houston and 
beyond. We are looking into a way to let everyone know when and where we are 
going to do the event. For now February the 25th is the last BVARC sponsored 
POTA Event. We are looking at doing it six times out of the year. Times will be 
determined by the event managers. More info to come on the upcoming events and 
where to find us.       Thanks,       Your Friendly POTA Operators   
Anthony-W5LIC / Kori-WX5KR       

Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club

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