Your email makes sense but has nothing to do with the topic at hand. I sent
the email to let people know that we will still be doing POTA events. Just
not with the BVARC name. We are going back to the way we did things when we
first started things. It has nothing to do with what the BOD has said or
done. I am only speaking for myself at this time, but I was happy helping
HAMS during POTA. There are many reasons why we are doing the events
without BVARC and we talked about this during WFD. I agree we need to try
to be more professional as operators. That goes for all of us. From the Top
Brass to the lowest man on the pole.

So for everybody watching this email thread. We will give out more info on
what Kori and I are going to be doing next.

Thanks, 73

On Thu, Feb 1, 2024 at 10:47 AM Richard Bonica via BVARC <>

> OK - I have sat quiet...
> As a BVARC member, I have worked to welcome everyone. Even the strangest
> of us.
> I have recently heard issues and quickly went to talk to take care of
> them. I hope that those who I have been working with are in agreement. I
> invite anyone that disagrees to please call and tell me, I will do my best
> to fix that.
> I have even heard bashing about me because people did not know the entire
> story and thought they were bashing one person and actually slamming me and
> knowing why what was happening.
> I have talked to a few people and found that the grumbling is either a
> misunderstanding or 2 views of the same story and not seeing each other's
> perspective.
> Eddy, if you like - please feel free to call me, as a matter of fact, I
> have a few questions to ask you also.
> NOTE TO ALL!!!!!  This is NOT meant as me asking Eddy in a MEAN way, I am
> wanting to talk to Eddy as a member and I consider, after working with him
> last year at Hamfest, a friend.
> I hope that is true with him in return and we as a team can get through a
> few questionable requests. If it does not -- trust me, I am not going to
> slam him on the board.
> Also, for those that have served in the Military and Para-military, the
> phrase, "Praise in public, punish in private." should mean something.
> I am doing this as an example member, please, if you have an issue with a
> member (My other brother and sister radio operators) talk to them. If that
> does not work, get another person (Not a mob) to help work with them.
> Some day, we may need eachother weather on the radio or in life. Our
> common interest should be what brings us together.
> And as for being example members, let me bring to your attention, we have
> youth in this system too. Example, KI5IOC   He has been around and with
> BVARC for 15 years. He was 3 the first time he spent an entire night
> sleeping at the fire fields. From there, he got interested in the radios
> and was with the group. We have a few SKs that took his hand and yanked him
> in. Now from their example, he is trying to get his General and be a senior
> in High School and get ready for a far away college. So let's set a good
> example of a world where when we are too old to bark, we want to be. I have
> not been able to get to the farmer's market due to family issues, but I am
> trying to go and get more youth interested.
> I remember a time when we used to have field day out at the fire field and
> we were happy to have lunch at the sametime and sit at the table eating
> burgers, dogs, chips, and various desserts. Conversation was ALWAYS about
> family, radios, what our homebrew project was, and who was a bigger nerd.
> Let's get back to that. (Well.. as a proof read, Daphne and team, don't
> stop the nice food array we have had so far.. I need to keep my Dad Bod
> Image up... and it helps a lot when it is really good..)
> I am going to start a new BVARC challenge, TicToc influenced, go bury a
> hatchet with someone and let's get back to what we once were. If you have
> an issue with anyone, PATCH IT, and POST THAT!!!!
> Also, if you see two people having an issue, don't take sides and see if
> you can compromise.  And once again POST THAT!!!
> For all - remember, when all hell breaks loose, we as radio operators are
> expected to be the voice of the world, we can not do that if we are not
> talking to each other..
> If anyone has an issue with what I just wrote, feel free to call me and
> tell me -- I am open..  If you feel like bashing me here -- fine too -- I
> will take the hire road and not return fire. (I turn the other cheek many
> times - gives the other one a rest)
> And for all of those who said to not get involved, sorry, these are my
> friends and neighbors, I am not going to sit silently as I watch people be
> bashed and exiled.
> All, have a happy rest of your day and
> "This is KG5YCU for ID , Over and Out ,  30 - 73" :)
> P.S. Eddy, I am writing this from your reply just because I need to talk
> to you too. nothing else.....
> On Wed, Jan 31, 2024 at 4:48 PM Eddie Runner via BVARC <>
> wrote:
>> Im sorry to hear that .. I think POTA is amazing and fills so many blanks
>> for
>> BVARC and the Ham radio community...
>> 1) can you ever beat a beautiful day in the park
>> 2) be a catch (cause a pileup)
>> 3) Afternoon with some great friends
>> 4) opportunity to welcome new folks to HAM and to BVARC..
>> Suzanne and I bought BVARC banners and other stuff out of our own pockets
>> to help bring the POTA MASTERS in as a BVARC EVENT.. All has been working
>> great as far as I knew..
>> I have posted on this before I think,
>> but again at the last BOARD meeting there was
>> some questions about using the club call, about illegal operations and
>> other
>> questions a board member(s) posed..    even though the board did
>> set a budget to help POTA ..  the masters felt disrespected and .. well
>> The POTA MASTERS got butt hurt...
>> I dont blame them, they dont use BVARC equipment, they use their own
>> radios
>> (and other volunteer radios)..
>> Like I said before, BVARC NEEDS POTA, more then POTA needs BVARC.
>> POTA is super popular, I think our board members and especially our
>> needs to be kissin some POTA  A*S...!!
>> These POTA guys are SUPERSTARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>> BVARC needs to make this a priority..
>> If you do not agree or do not understand POTA
>> *please GO TO POTA EVENT..  *it is true ham radio at its finest..
>> I ask our board to REALIZE how important this is,
>> buy a couple POTA radios, really make it a BVARC EVENT support these
>> guys..
>> And I ask our POTA MASTERS to take the stupid abuse for a minute
>> and forgive the MORONS that hurt your feelings and lets have some fun..
>> Eddie Runner (NU5K)
>> in the last year a lot of folks seem to get hurt feelings.. WISE UP BOD..
>> we need to welcome folks not run them off..
>> Hello all,
>>              I am writing this message to let everybody know about the
>> changes we are making to the BVARC POTA Event. We will no longer be running
>> the event as a BVARC (Brazos Valley Armature Radio Club) affiliated one. We
>> will not be doing it every month. *We will however still do the event
>> for the city. *This means we are inviting every club in the city of
>> Houston and beyond. We are looking into a way to let everyone know when and
>> where we are going to do the event. For now February the 25th is the last
>> BVARC sponsored POTA Event. We are looking at doing it six times out of the
>> year. Times will be determined by the event managers. More info to come on
>> the upcoming events and where to find us.
>> Thanks,
>> Your Friendly POTA Operators
>> Anthony-W5LIC / Kori-WX5KR
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