> I had a transcoding problem with Xerces-C and noticed that it has
> already been described
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/XERCESC-2052 and fixed for more
> than a year but not in the 3.1 branch.
> So I took the liberty to port the fix and would be happy if it could be
> released in a (hopefully soon) upcoming 3.1.5 or if 3.2 is just around
> corner, this would be even better.

I ported a number of patches from trunk back to the branch when I first jumped 
in to get security work done on the branch and put 3.1.2 out. This seems to 
have been filed against 3.1.2, so I don't think I ever saw that one, it 
probably wasn't brought to my attention and the bug entry doesn't have the fix 
outlined either. And I am generally terrified of touching transcoding code 
since I don't understand any of it, so that all explains why it wasn't 

The major problem is that I have no way to test fixes to code I don't 
understand. That's the biggest problem, paralysis out of fear of breaking 

If somebody vouches for the fix, I don't have a problem applying it, but I 
can't possibly know whether the fix is safe beyond just taking somebody's word 
for it.

Either way, I'd advise attaching the patch to the bug, and I'll reopen it for 
now just to track that it hasn't been backported.

-- Scott

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