Don't know if the OP (cc'd) is still around but since I'm trying to get us 
moving toward a 3.2 release, I wanted to clarify this...

> So just for the record, the error is really a regression, it worked in
> 3.1.1 and the fix in trunk was this commit:

I don't see how this "worked" in 3.1.1, the patch in question:


Was applied only to trunk, not to 3.1.0/3.1.1, and the test case is only on 
trunk. It couldn't have been working on 3.1.1 or the "fix" is something else.

I was concerned that one of the security fixes to 3.1.2 and up broke something, 
and had filed this away to follow up before a 3.2.0, but this seems to be 
something else entirely, just a fix that didn't ever get done on the branch, 
and therefore can be closed out once we release trunk.

-- Scott

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