Hi Naha,

first you need to use the jboss42x nested element for Cargo to work.
This is clearly defined in the Cargo documentation:

Before you paste your configuration (the Ant scripts or the Maven poms)
I am unable to locate the problem any further.

Cheers, Petar.

2008/12/29 Neha Agarwal <neha...@gmail.com>

> Hi,
> I have cactus 1.8 and Jboss 4.2 installed. I am tryong to get cactus
> working
> but if I use the jboss4x nested element within containerset, it gives me an
> error saying that jboss4x is not supported for ContainerSet. Just to check,
> I tried jboss3x but I get the same error for that as well.
> Was inidividual containerset element support removed in favor of cargo in
> cactus 1.8?
> I do not want to use, cargo because I need to start my server separately
> and
> then use cactus to run my tests in a different shell.
> Also when I try to use cargo to start my server and run the tests on it, I
> get a "Port already in use error" even though I have nothing running on
> that
> port (I checked). When cargo is trying to start up my server when I check
> that port, the only output I see is this:
> java    1847 nxxx  263u  IPv6 0xb484d90      0t0  TCP
> [::]:53442->[::]:sunproxyadmin (ESTABLISHED)
> java    1847 nxxx  265u  IPv6 0x5b26984      0t0  TCP
> [::]:53443->[::]:sunproxyadmin (ESTABLISHED)
> java    1850 nxxx   13u  IPv6 0x5b26be8      0t0  TCP
> [::]:sunproxyadmin (LISTEN)
> Right before cargo starts up, there is nothing on that port. If it makes
> any
> difference I am using port 8081 for my jboss server.
> If I get rid of this error, I might be able to use cargo.
> Any suggestions on why I am seeing this?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated,
> Thanks,
> N.

Regards, Petar!
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