Never mind about starting the container. I was able to fix that. It was a
problem with my build file since I was not poitning to the existing
installation of the container.

The container starts up correctly now, but cactus does not seem to be
running the tests. Here is the output from my console.

   [cactus] Parsed JBoss version = [4.2.1]
   [cactus] Running tests against JBoss 4.2.1 @ http://localhost:8081
   [cactus] Deploying [/Users/temp/build/test.war] to
   [cactus] JBoss 4.2.1 starting...
   [cactus] JBoss 4.2.1 started on port [8081]

/User/src/test.xml:1052: Failed to start the container after more than
[180000] ms. Trying to connect to the [
http://localhost:8081/test/ServletRedirector?Cactus_Service=RUN_TEST] test
URL yielded a [-1] error code. Please run in debug mode for more details
about the error.

So even though the container started, I am getting a failed to start
container error and the tests do not run after this. Any ideas?

Once again, any help is greatly appreciated.

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