Hi Ron and all,

I wrote this quite a while ago and not tested it out, but will try it with the 
Allemande Joy tour that are in NZ currently. Nerdy title and move at A2b.

Spin Quantum Number Becket CW

A1 Slice Left, Give and (lady) Take, Neighbor Swing 
A2 LLF(and on way Back) Gent roll lady away;
     Gents Right Allemand 1/2, Partner Left Allemand (1/4, 3/4, 1 1/4 etc as 
desired) to Long Waves
     (either G or L face out)
B1 (with one of the 4 possible) Shadow(s) Balance Rory O'more slide right;  
      Balance  Rory O'more slide left
B2 Partner Balance and Swing

Note: At end of A2 the left allemand can be varied each time. Will end in long 
waves with a Shadow of same or opposite sex in right hand, Partner in Left.

Cheers, Bill

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