This seems to me to be a lot of effort with very little benefit.  There are 
thousands of dances and each caller has their own approach to programming.  It 
is rare for a dance to be called two nights in a row.  When I do see that 
happening I often ask other dancers around me if they remember it - and no one 
ever has.
How would the next caller get access to this info? The logistics would seem 
difficult and unnecessary.
I do not even keep track of what dances I have called.  I start off fresh when 
planning a program.  If I called somewhere and they ask me back next year - no 
one will notice if a couple dances are the same. It probably means they were 
really good ones.

I agree that a different band, etc can make the same dance feel very different 
and that a lot of dances are very similar.  It bothers me more when a caller 
programs an evening with several dances that all feel the same.
Mac McKeeverSt Louis

    On Tuesday, March 6, 2018, 8:22:25 PM CST, Winston, Alan P. via Callers 
<> wrote:  
Oddly enough, I was just in Seattle at the end of February and had a 
conversation about this with Lindsey Dono, who told me to my surprise that 
dancers at Lake City, at least, will complain about getting the same dance two 
weeks in a row, and said that there *was* a log kept of dances called locally.
So, Amy, I suggest checking with Lindsey and see if the effort is already under 
In the SF Bay Area, I think our dance populations kinda slop around, so that 
while a core of people may go to the central Bay Area dances (SF, Berkeley, 
Palo Alto), East Bay people may also go to North Bay dances (San Rafael, 
Petaluma) and North Bay people may go to Berkeley or SF but not usually Palo 
Alto, while Monterey Bay people (Monterey, Santa Cruz) go to those dances and 
some come up to Palo Alto, and some South Bay people (Palo Alto, San Jose, etc) 
go to Santa Cruz or Monterey.  The result is that every dancer does the dances 
that are called at the dances they happen to go to, it would be a huge 
coordinating effort to keep all the dances at different dance series with 
somewhat-overlapping attendance separate, and nobody but callers seems to care 
For me personally, different band, different tune set pretty much equals 
different dance even with the same figures - but also dances that are 3/4 the 
same figures as other dances feel like the same dances anyway.
-- Alan
 On 3/6/2018 6:07 PM, Amy Wimmer via Callers wrote:
Huh! I never thought of that for the dance we run. I keep a file of each gig 
and the dances I called at each. I also write on each dance card the date and 
location of each time I've called it, so I don't repeat myself too often. 
  There's a record of contra dances called at Northwest Folklife Festival. I 
don't know how far back it goes.  
  I'll talk to my fellow organizers about starting this at Emerald City Contra 
  On Tue, Mar 6, 2018, 5:42 PM Kalia Kliban via Callers 
<> wrote:
Dance logs, a cumulative record for a series of which dances have been
 called on any given evening, are very common in the English dance
 community but vanishingly rare in the contra community.  Why is that?
 They're really helpful for incoming callers, and it's probably nice for
 the dancers not to keep getting the same dances week after week.
 I've only ever known of one contra series that kept a log, and it's
 probably because I suggested it when they started out (the Queer Contra
 series in Oakland, CA).  Are there any contra organizers out there who
 maintain a dance log?  Those of you who do, how do you get the dance
 lists from the callers?  The Oakland series had a little book on the
 stage and the callers would write their programs down as they went or at
 the end of the night.
 Part of it comes down to record-keeping on the part of the callers.  I
 keep a personal log of all the dances I've called so I can avoid
 repeating myself when I return to a given venue.  That makes it easy for
 me to produce a set list after the fact if an organizer wants to fill in
 a gap in the log.  Fellow contra callers, do you all keep records of
 what you call, and if you don't, how do you avoid repeating yourself or
 remember what worked well (or not) the last time you called at a
 particular place?
 If you work with something like Caller's Companion, do you update the
 program list with what you actually danced as opposed to what you
 Just curious about other people's process on this.
 Kalia in Sebastopol, CA
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