I keep a personal log on notecards.  I put the date of the event and the
venue and any other information that might be helpful for me when going
back.  Then I write out my intended program (in case I drop my ordered
cards).  If I make a change to the program, I'll update the card with any
additions, rearrangements or deletions.  I'll also put short notes about
how 'good' that program is:  "Too many ladies chain into RH Star" or "This
dance is confusing early in the evening" or "Too few neighbor swings" or
whatever will help me when planning for the future.  On the back of the
card I put the band name, names of members, their instruments and other
notes for announcement time so I can make sure the band gets introduced and
the sound person gets introduced and I make sure that whoever's in charge
of getting the hall taken care of has recognition and help.

Someone suggested it would be a lot of work and little benefit and hard to
share.  In our modern, connected world.  A shared platform like google docs
or google sheets or any blogging platform would allow the callers and
organizers of the dance to document it in a shared space, publicly
accessible or not.  Because it's a thing I already track, the extra work
for me is almost none.  If it's not a thing you already care about, it adds
some work, but really not that much.

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