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>> This seems to me to be a lot of effort with very little benefit.  There are 
>> thousands of dances and each caller has their own approach to programming.  
>> It is rare for a dance to be called two nights in a row.  When I do see that 
>> happening I often ask other dancers around me if they remember it - and no 
>> one ever has.
>> How would the next caller get access to this info? The logistics would seem 
>> difficult and unnecessary.
> The way our local English dances do this is that the series programmer sends 
> the current log to the next caller on deck, who can then consider the log or 
> not, as they choose.  It's not a big deal.  I run the Sebastopol dance, and I 
> either write down the programs myself if I'm at the dance or contact the 
> caller afterward to get their list.  Simple Excel spreadsheet to keep track.  
> Easy.
> If I'm coming to call for a community I've never worked with before, seeing a 
> list of the dances they've done gives me a good idea of the general level of 
> the group.  It's a useful tool.
> Kalia in Sebastopol 

For our English dance in Jamaica Plain, the caller writes the dance name on a 
whiteboard in front of the hall after each dance. At the end of the dance we 
transcribe it into  book, I take a photo of the board and enter it in a 
database at home - and then post on our web page two lists,  one sorted by 
night, and one sorted by dance name. (If I am not there someone else sends me 
the info).I sometimes have to adjust the spellings - or deal with the “the” in 
the name so the sorting by dance name is OK. This record goes back to January 


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