Hi, Rich,

I come to almost all of my gigs with a program prepared in advance.  For
each dance slot, I have multiple choices of dance compositions that all
fulfill the same purpose (same key figure, same type of progression, same
type of orientation, etc.), from which I choose depending on what I think
the crowd will enjoy most.  I usually leave two slots open for on-the-fly
choices of glossary dances that I can call without a walk-through.

When I come to an event without a program already prepared, it is usually
because I anticipate moments when my choices of dance compositions may be
influenced by an insufficient number dancers for a contra line.

Dugan Murphy
Portland, Maine
dugan at duganmurphy.com

> From: Rich Sbardella <richsbarde...@gmail.com>
> To: "Caller's discussion list" <call...@sharedweight.net>
> Subject: [Callers] Programming a Dance
> I am curious how much time you all plan programming a dance before arriving
> at a venue.  If you do not preprogram, what is your approach for on the fly
> programming?
> Rich Sbardella
> Stafford, CT
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