I've successfully tried both Glance (around) and Swoop (around) with
dancers. Several have told me they really liked Swoop and thought it was
the best alternative they've heard so far (and I've seen folks having fun
making "wings" on the floor as they do it).

A caution on terms that explicitly use "eye" in them: we have a regular
dancer who is blind and that person and their friends are strongly offended
by those terms. As eye locking is styling and not the essential motion,
it's not necessary to the call.

Also, on some of these sound-alike terms... if I were to call you a
"plucking gerk" would you not be offended just the same? I submit for the
same reason that a replacement term we settle on should not sound like the
original term we're trying to replace. Similar metrics, sure - but not a
minor tweak of the original sound. For this reason I've never tried making
"Glance" into "Glancey."

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> I appreciate the reports of what different callers are trying and their
> degree of success. At the same time, it makes a lot of sense to avoid
> rehashing the same arguments, as you suggest. Right now, we're in an
> empirical phase--trial and error--and rapid dissemination of results seems
> like the way to go. If that process suggests a few good candidates, it
> might be time to debate their merits.
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