Thanks all for the feedback! I'll reach out to Erik and Nils.

As Rick pointed out, the dance could work from standard 4x4 lines; and I
certainly wouldn't object to folks dancing it that way. In my head, the
half grand hey precludes this from many dance events, so I figured dancers
I could toss this at would probably not be thrown by the bent formation.
But keeping the non-hook moves simple is worthwhile.

I haven't done a Dutch Crossing workshop, although I've been meaning to.
Nice to see Lisa getting everyone through it, thank you for the link; and
the reminder to learn Dutch Crossing.

Colin, I don't remember the last time I got to call a 48 bar dance. But if
I get a band itching to play one, now I've got some things in the quiver.

Jim, I'll admit Heymania is intimidating to me. I like the fixed timing of
contra, the squishyness of squares is a challenge for me. I'd have to work
up to that one with some simpler non-musically-square squares.

As for this dance, dropping the balance before the partner swing and
letting the hey flow into B2 seems the simplest and most forgiving way of
handling the timing. I like the idea of the reunion moment being marked in
time though, so that partners know when they're supposed to find each
other. You could give the hey more time in B1 at the expense of some of the
neighbor swing. What about the following variation, informed by Chris's
comments on timing?

Tamlin's Cross (variation)
4x4 (lines or bent)

(4) All 8 go into the middle
(4) Gents roll partners away on the way out
(8) Corner Swing, square set
(8) Gents left hands across star 1x; gents drop out
(8) Ladies left hands across star 1x;
ladies keep hands, and take right hand with corner (making crossed wavy
lines of 4)
(4) Balance the wavy lines of four
(12) half grand hey, start passing corner you swung by right
then turn away from corner you swung
(16) Partner Balance and Swing
End the swing facing new couple, having swapped sides with your trail-buddy

That gives both roles the muscle memory of a left hand star in the middle
as prep for the handless-star in the hey; which could either be helpful or
I wouldn't usually chase a left hand star with a left hand star, but I
think left will flow better for the gents out of a swing; and I want the
corners to take right hands (because getting folks to balance left then
right seems impossible outside of Rory o'More). The two left hand stars
would also leave some room for silliness on the part of the dancers.
A2 could be ladies right hand star, then gents left; but I'm not super fond
of the swing->ladies go in transition. It happens a lot in swing->chain,
but I don't think it would add to the dance here.

Thanks again for sharing your experience :-)

Luke Donforth <>
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