I am need of some choreographic gerrymandering from the braintrust.

I have the flow the way I want in a dance that first gelled about 10 years
but when some folks walked it through for me, more recently, they said,
"uh, Ken, I'm not swinging my N, it's my P."

"Dang," said I.

Here's the dance. the problem is "How do I get neighbours who are beside
each other in an ocean wave (A1) to the other side of the set for a swing?"
(A2) (short of calling on Mr. Scott for a teleport)

So, I need the first half of A2.

Return from Vulcan  Becket

A1 (8) Cir L 1.0
      (8) Slide left and cir 3/4 the next couple to a wavy line.
A2 (4,6,8?) (balance wave, not critical) get gent to other side of set with
neighbour [hmmm... Ladies alle L 1/2, P alle R 1/2, Gents alle L 1/2 - I'm
not convinced]
      (12,10,8?) N Swing
B1 (8) Gents alle L 1.5
     (8) Scoop P in star promenade/B'fly Whirl
B2 (8) Ladies alle R 1.5 while gents orbit CCW
      (8) P Swing

Thanks for any ideas.

Ken Panton
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