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> Here's the dance. the problem is "How do I get neighbours who are beside
> each other in an ocean wave (A1) to the other side of the set for a swing?"
> (A2) (short of calling on Mr. Scott for a teleport)
> Return from Vulcan  Becket
> A1 (8) Cir L 1.0
>       (8) Slide left and cir 3/4 the next couple to a wavy line.
> A2 (4,6,8?) (balance wave, not critical) get gent to other side of set with
> neighbour [hmmm... Ladies alle L 1/2, P alle R 1/2, Gents alle L 1/2 - I'm
> not convinced]
>       (12,10,8?) N Swing

The standard mechanism for what you want in MWSD would be "Recycle &
Sweep 1/4".  That would result in facing couples (long lines).


Problem is that now you have the people you want swinging standing next
to each other rather than facing each other.  Also ends up being a LOT of
flow circling left.

Another option would be Square Thru 2 and roll to face.  With a balance
on each pull-by, flow works reasonably well.  (You could either start
with a wave or leave them as facing couples -- Square Thru is proper from
a wave.)
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