Hi Ken,

              How about:


1) (Balance Forward & Back) Men Orbit CW Half Way WHILE Ladies Allemande Left 
Half; Neighbour Swing


2) Travelling Gypsy Meltdown: Lock Eyes and the Man starts Orbiting CW with the 
Lady following, Gypsying around each other to the other side and melting into a 


3) Man turns to his right as he starts to Orbit CW, and walks backwards, 
beckoning the lady to follow, swing when you get to the other side


4) English Ceilidh Style: Swing while travelling to the other side – that is 
not very easy in a ballroom hold or with buzz-steps, so, instead of joining 
right hands at shoulder level for a wave, take a forearm Allemande hold 
(forearms together, hand hooked just above neighbour’s elbow) with left hands 
joined below, and swing using step-hop (single step/skip step) or 1-2-3-hop 
(double step/polka step).  That way you get a 16 beat swing! :-)


            Happy dancing,                          



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