I’m not sure “circulate” is a common enough move in contra that you have to 
worry about using the call differently, though it is becoming more common. And 
correspondingly, I’d say “partial circulate” will hardly be helpful at all. I 
think you could say “circulate to a wave” the first couple of times, and then 
“circulate t’wave” as needed. (Teach it, of course, with more words than that, 
and tell them you’re going to call it “circulate to a wave.” Maybe point out 
during teaching that if you’re facing in you go to the wave, if you’re facing 
out you turn and stay on the outside—that way you don’t have to call “circulate 
to a ladies’ wave”/“circulate to a gents’ wave.")

Read Weaver
Jamaica Plain, MA

> On May 17, 2018, at 2:09 PM, Jack Mitchell via Callers 
> <callers@lists.sharedweight.net> wrote:
> What would you call a circulate like this?  Would it be a partial circulate?  
> Or, in the interest of not adding any more terminology, since only half of 
> the people are going to end up in a wave after each one, would it be better 
> to just say "ladies take 4 steps forward to a long wave of ladies, gents face 
> in", etc?  
> A1    Balance Wave
>         Circulate (Gents Loop, ladies take 4 steps forward) to a long wave of 
> ladies
>          Balance Wave of Ladies
>          Circulate (ladies walk forward and face in, gents take 4 steps 
> forward) to a long wave of gents
> A2    Balance Wave of Gents
>               Gents step forward – N Sw
> -- 
> Jack Mitchell
> Durham, NC
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