Hi Jack and all, A little off topic, but... Your dance made me remember a dance 
I wrote back in 2002, "Do Make Waves". here's from my web site:


     A duple improper contra by Bill Olson

          A1:  Star R x 1 to long waves (Right Hand to N, L to previous N. 
Women are facing in, Men out))(8), Bal Wave(4) (women reach forward to form a 
wave of women down the center of set while men loop around to right, taking 
Neighbor's position, facing in), Bal the wave (of Women)(4)*

          A2: Women reach forward and form a long wave (Right Hand to Partner, 
L to shadow, W face out) Bal Wave (4) and Swing Partner (12)

          B1: Circle L 3/4 Sw N (16)

          B2: Circl L (8), (with same Neighbors) Star L (8) (Look for new N in 
next Star)

Notes: *The 3 balances are all done consecutively, that is to say: 
"balance,2,3,4,balance2,3,4,balance,2,3,4! Needless to say there is little time 
between balances for the women to drop hands and pick up new ones, and it helps 
if the balances are more "forward and back" rather than "right and left" so 
there is some "forward propulsion" going on after each balance! In reality the 
second and third balances are actually started (feet hit the floor) while the 
hand change is being made. Here's why I wrote this dance. Every year at NEFFA 
(New England Folk Festival in Natick, MA), callers are reminded that the dance 
floors are very crowded and to pay attention NOT to call dances that require a 
lot of room between sets (since there ISN'T any). I figured I would write a 
dance that REQUIRED that there be very little room between sets, and this is 
IT!! My announcement to some Boston area callers of my intention met with great 
skepticism, but I always DO like to make waves! and the dance works!! Written 
April 15, 2002.

This dance has three wave balances, the first two are the same as yours I 
think, i.e. Balance wave (Men out Women in etc) along the long lines, balance 
wave of women down the center, BUT no time in between.. (the notes as to "why" 
heh heh) I called this dance ONE TIME at NEFFA and it worked fine BUT comments 
after were mostly that it was VERY zesty for the women..

I am assuming the first wave in A1 is along the long lines.. If so,  4 steps is 
a LOT of steps to go a pretty short distance.. Maybe I am reading this wrong, 
in which case I offer the dance as something similar and *different*.

You might note that when I wrote the dance I had no words "like circulate the 
wave" in my vocabulary, so I probably just called it what it was, "gents loop, 
women walk forward" or something like that.. Makes for nice "toung twisters" 
when actually calling the dance!!

bill (in Black Fly infested Maine)

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What would you call a circulate like this?  Would it be a partial circulate?  
Or, in the interest of not adding any more terminology, since only half of the 
people are going to end up in a wave after each one, would it be better to just 
say "ladies take 4 steps forward to a long wave of ladies, gents face in", etc?

A1    Balance Wave
        Circulate (Gents Loop, ladies take 4 steps forward) to a long wave of 
         Balance Wave of Ladies
         Circulate (ladies walk forward and face in, gents take 4 steps 
forward) to a long wave of gents

A2    Balance Wave of Gents
              Gents step forward – N Sw

Jack Mitchell
Durham, NC
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